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Quanta-Flame Primary Control

Now CSA Approved!

The New Technology direct replacement
for the Honeywell RA890 Series.

Microcomputer controlled Primary Burner
Management Control System

At last an upgrade for the industry standard - RA890F / RA890G - with only ONE part to change.

The Quanta - Flame 5004-890 is just what  the technicians have been waiting for - the new technology equivalent of the Honeywell 890 series. This time-saving control uses existing Honeywell sub-bases, flame rods, and UV scanners, but with significant upgrades, including an LED display and microprocessor control.

It's expensive technology brought down to earth, in an affordable and efficient control that lets you troubleshoot more burners without spending a fortune on parts.

No Expensive Upgrades

  • Uses Q270 sub-base and existing Honeywell UV sensors and flame rods
  • No rewiring necessary
  • No special scanners needed.
More Flexibility
  • Selectable trial for ignition: 3, 5, 10 or 15 seconds
  • Selectable interrupted or intermittent (non-interrupted) pilot
  • Selectable recycle or non-recycle modes
  • Selectable flame systems: ultraviolet or flame rod sensors
  • Isolated 10 Amp alarm circuit

Ease of Troubleshooting

  • Direct replacement of Honeywell RA890F and RA890G
  • Optional plug-in diagnostic display installs easily in the top of the control
  • Microcomputer control simplifies fault and relay testing
  • Test mode for pilot flame adjustment
  • Operational status check: seven front-mounted LED indicators

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