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Boiler Feed Tanks

Choose from several of our boiler feed tanks and boiler return systems. Rema manufactures high quality boiler feed systems from 500 gallons to 1 gallon capacities, using Burks Pumps ranging in size from 1/3 to 45 HP. These are made to handle boilers from 1 to 200 HP. We also have replacement tanks, too.

Air Flow Condensate Return Systems

and Boiler Feed Pumps

Needing a condensate return tank quickly? These Air Flow Condensate pump systems can ship as fast as 24 hours after we receive your order! Check it out and call us for the details!


Russell Pump Stainless Steel Condensate
and Boiler Feed Packages

Stainless Steel boiler feed and condensate return systemswith fast delivery times compared to other companies out there.

Replacement Float Mechanism
For Pressure Powered Pumps


The replacement float mechanism for pressure powered pumps is designed for field replacement of major manufacturer's float mechanisms. The design is simple and rugged to provide long service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Sterling Condensate and
Boiler Feed Pumps

We carry the complete line of Sterling Condensate Pumps and Boiler Feed Pumps. Choose from our line of condensate models: 3700 Series Underground Pit Pumps, 4100 Series Condensate Receivers and 4200 Series Condensate Receivers. Or Choose from our line of boiler feed pumps and systems: 4100 Series Boiler Feed Pumps, 3500 Boiler Feed Systems, 5000 Series Boiler Feed Pump Systems.


Stainless Steel Condensate &
Boiler Feed Systems

Does your condensate pump or boiler feed system need the stainless steel advantage? We have stainless steel condensate pumps that consist of 304 stainless steel receivers with simplex and duplex models. Available options include mounted and wired control panels, all 304 stainless steel pump, and an all 304 stainless steel float mechanism.

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