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Taco Boiler Pumps
Please call 1-800-780-3776 for pricing and availability.

Power Plus can acquire a replacement Taco pump or replacement Taco pump parts for your current model. If you need a seal kit, replacement impeller, volute, motor, pump only, or any combination of the above, we can help you! Taco's revolutionary "00" Series cartridge design pumps allow for quick and easy replacement when needed. Don't see the model you have? We can get it for you. We are working hard to keep adding as many Taco models as we can to the website. Call us today for a quote and delivery on a Taco pump replacement for your application,
toll-free 1-800-780-3776.

Taco Pump - 00 Series
The Taco "00" Series Pumps

Quick & Easy Installation, no mechanical seal means the self-lubricating design provides unmatched reliability. Every 00-Series pump contains a field-replaceable cartridge design which contains all the moving parts. Replace the cartridge, and you've just rebuilt your circulator! It's that easy.

Taco Pumps - 100 Series
The Taco 100 Series In-line Circulator Pumps

Taco 100 series pumps are designed to efficiently circulate heated or chilled water in residentioal or light commercial hydronic systems. These circulators may also be used for zoning large installations and are available in bronze construction for domestic hot water applications.

The Taco KS Vertical Split-Coupled In-line Pump

The Taco pump Series KS is a vertical split-coupled in-line pump that are designed for maximum performance, easy install, and simple maintenance. With the Taco KS series, you can change the seal without disturbing the motor or piping. These pumps are ideal for HVAC and industrial applications, as well as domestic water service flows to 2500 GPM.

The Taco FI Base Mounted/Close Coupled Pumps

Taco FI series pumps are ideally suited for a variety of applications, including heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer, and water supply.  The FI series gives you quiet, dependable power plus hydraulic performance to meet the latest standards. 


Needing to replace a pump without all the hassle? ...
Check out our ISOLATOR Valve for use with inline circulators.

Due to the large amount of variations in Taco boiler pumps we are only able to put
a limited amount of pumps online that aren't a special order type. However
we are able to provide you with any pump, for any application in which you
may have. Give us a call and let help you get the right pump for right job!

 Please call 1-800-780-3776 for pricing and availability. 

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