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Aurora Pumps and Parts

Aurora Boiler Feed Pumps
Please call
1-800-780-3776 for pricing and availability. 

Aurora Pump, with over eighty years of experience, is a leading pump and system supplier devoted to designing and manufacturing a wide variety of pumps and systems used in an ever expanding variety of markets and applications throughout the world.  Power Plus can help you decide which Aurora pump is right for your job.  If you do not see the Aurora pump you need online, please feel free to give us a call toll-free and we will get the pump you need.


Aurora End Suction Pumps
Model 323, Model 324A, Model 321

Aurora Inline Pumps
Model 326-A

Aurora Split Case Pumps
Model 412, Model 411, Model 413

 Please call 1-800-780-3776 for pricing and availability. 

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This is a brief list of some of the Aurora pumps that we carry. 
Due to the large amount of variations in boiler pumps we are only able to put
a limited amount of pumps online that aren't a special order type. However
we are able to provide you with any pump, for any application in which you
may have. Give us a call and let help you get the right pump for right job!

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