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Immediate Shipment
One Year Warranty 
Current & Obsolete Models
NOTE: All reconditioned controls are sold on the basis that there is a core to be exchanged and returned to power plus , there will be late charges applied to any core that is not returned on the return date that is stated on the packing slip.

***If your returned core is NOT repairable there may be an additional charge.

Please note:
It is up to the Boiler Engineer to check if your state permits reconditioned controls.
Power Plus is not responsible for any control installed in a state where laws do not permit reconditioned controls.

Call 1-800-780-3776 For Immediate Pricing
New models for all controls below available!!!

Power Plus has access to thousands of reconditioned programmers, controls, scanners, valve operators, motors and amplifiers in stock, for immediate shipment.  Virtually every design ever made by Fireeye, Honeywell, Gordon-Piatt, Vapor Corp, Penn, Barber-Colman, Johnson, North American, Belimo, Leeds & Northrop, Tervcon, Eclipse, Webster, Partlow/West and others, current or obsolete, all with a full one year warranty from Power Plus. 

Honeywell Fireye Gordon Piatt Eclipse Webster
Barber-Colman Partlow/West Barber Colman/Siebe ITT Belimo
North American Johnson Penn Leeds & Northrup Tervcon
Export Pricing

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