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Prices Below are for Reconditioned Parts
and require the TRADE-IN of the old Parts.
For Pricing on NEW Parts Call 1-800-780-3776

***If your returned core is NOT repairable there may be an additional charge.

Display Modules Primary Controls Programmers
Scanners Solid State Amplifiers Solid State Chassis
Solid State Programmers


Models Buy Now

ED500 $121.87
ED510 $130.56

TFM,UVM (all models) $282.68
MT Series Purge Timers $42.56
MC120 (all models) $240.14

26RJ8 (all models), 29RF5 (all models)
24CJ5 (all models), 25CU6 (all models)
26CF6 (all models)

Obsolete, Parts no longer made. Unable to recondition these units. These are replaced by 70D Series or E110.
25RU8 (all models) $759.45
25SU3, 25SU5 (all models) $791.24
25DU4 (all models) $632.35
26SJ5 (all models) $568.78

45UV $506.00
45RM1, 2 $Call
45RM4 $1,209.72

72DRT1, 72DUV1 $167.19
72DIR1 $270.53
E1R1 $207.40
ERT1, EUV1 $130.56
MART1 $57.77
MAUV1 $39.53

70D10 $544.08
70D20, 70D21 $422.51
70D30 $361.72
70D40 $300.93
EB700 (Chassis Only) $287.24

71D (all models) $118.56
EP (all models) $272.74
MP100 $100.32
MP 230,MP230H $118.56
MP560 $201.63

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